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Badge Findings, Double Faced Tape, Round Discs, Plexiglass, Hex Nuts, Ferrules and Rods, Nails and Screws, Wall Brackets and Sign Holders, Ball and Sports Covers...
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Plaque Hardware (Screws, Nails and Rosettes) Round Discs with Tabs for Hassle-Free removal - Double Sided Sticky! Foam or Tuff Tape Hex nuts, couplers and ferrules (minimum order is 100 pieces)
(All sold in lots of 1,000)
F005 Gold Plaque Nail
F006 Silver Plaque Nail
F007 1/4" Gold Slotted Head Plaque Screw
F008 1/4" Silver Slotted Head Plaque Screw
F009 3/8" Gold Slotted Head Plaque Screw
F010 3/8" Silver Slotted Head Plaque Screw
F020 1/4" Gold Phillips Head Plaque Screw
F020 3/8" Gold Phillips Head Plaque Screw
F080 Large Gold Rosette Nail
F082 Small Gold Rosette Nail
F081 Gold Hammer Head Nail
* Double Sided Tape
* Extended Tab for No Hassle Removal
* Use for Mounting Medallions, Plastic Emblems, Trim and Ribbons
* Available three ways:
Item Number Material Size
TP030 Foam 3/4" x 500 PCS/ROLL
TP035 Foam 1 3/4" x 500 PCS/ROLL
TP050 Tuff Tape 1 3/4" x 500 PCS/ROLL
(All items sold in lots of 100, 1/4" x 20 thread)
F001 _ Hex Nuts
F002 - 3/4" Couplers 3000 per case.
F022 - 7/16" Ferrules 3,000 per case
F003 - 1" Ferrules 2,500 per case.
F004 - 1 1/4" Ferrules 2,500 per case11
Badge Findings - seven varieties! 2 Post Magnetic Badges Magnetic Badge Holders with pressure sensitive tape on back.
Available in a variety of styles!
SCP - Single Clutch Pin with plastic back
103D   -Bar Pin
103S   -Bar Pin with Pressure Sensitive Back
103P   -Bar Pin with Plastic Back
PAM    -Alligator Clip with Pressure Sensitive Back and pin
PSC1  -Clip with Pressure Sensitive Back
W1       -Swivel with Pressure Sensitive Back
2 Post Magnetic Badges

Adhesive on the Back

Perfect for lightweight Name Tags under 1 or 2 layers
3 Post Magnetic Badges Adhesive on the Back Perfect for Heavier Name Tags able to under very thick garments and layers of clothing.
Sold by the piece or boxes of 100 or in cases of 1,000 for best price.
Threaded Trophy Rods from 1" to 19.5" Aluminum Circles come in two sizes - 2 inch and 1 5/8 inch - in any color aluminum we sell. Perpetual Plates available in brass or aluminum, bright black, bright gold, satin gold.
From 1" to 19 1/2", you can't build a trophy without a rod to hold it together!
Thread 1/4 x 20.
Sold in lots of 100.
Case quantities are as follows:
1-2" are 2000 pieces per case
2 1/2 to 7" are 1000 pieces per case
7 1/2 to 12 1/2" are 500 pieces per case
13 to 19 1/2" are 300 per case
2 inch and 1 5/8 inch discs are available in any aluminum color we sell!
2 inch discs are about 50 per standard pack.
1 5/8 inch discs are 78 per standard pack.
1 5/8 inch discs fit perfectly in the back of our standard medals (search for G2M or G1M on this site).
Either size can be shipped with or without protective coating, saving you lots of time pealing that off.
Die Cut perpetual plates come in three sizes:
Available in Bright Gold, Satin Gold or Bright Black
Notched four corners with two pre-drilled holes.
.875 x 2.5"
1 x 2.5"
1.25 x 2.5"
50 per standard pack. Bright black brass is laserable.
Brass 2 inch circles come in the most popular colors of the awards industry. Essential Accessories include check rings, medal risers, trim eagles, cap nuts, scratch fix, and felt or cork discs. Two post or three post magnet badge holders. Extra back-plates with adhesive available!
2 inch Brass die cut circles are available in the most popular colors in the industry!
2 inch discs are 50 per standard pack.
Black brass is laserable!

T993RG Gold Check Rings, 3/4" O.D. (Sold in lots of 100)
T993RS Silver Check Rings, 3/4" O.D. (Sold in lots of 100)
F017 2 1/2" Gold Metal Trim Eagle (Sold by the piece, 500 per case)
F018 Acorn Cap Nut (Sold in lots of 100)
F010 Fancy Cap Nut (Sold in lots of 100)
F060 Scratch Fix (Red Brown SF1204)
F075 1/2" O.D. Felt Discs 1/16" thick (Sold in lots of 1000)
F078 1/2" O.D. Cork Discs 1/16" thick (Sold in lots of 1000)
Our best selling magnet badge holders.
Two post or three post, Extra back-plates with adhesive are also available.
Plaque pouches protect your work during transit! 3/32" thick. Plaque boxes protect your work during transit! Available in three sizes for up to a 12 x 15 plaque. JS Composite Plates - Laserable Etching Material at Tremendous $$$ Savings! Place an order and we'll call you with the details.

Available in six sizes, foam plaque pouches are inexpensive way to transport your finished plaques to your customer.

PFB6= approx 6" x 8" and fits up to a 5 x 7 plaque. Comes 325 to a case.

PFB8= approx 8" x 10" and fits up to a 7 x 9 plaque. Comes 200 to a case.

PFB9= approx 9" x 11.5" and fits up to a 8 x 10 plaque. Comes 150 to a case.

PFB10= approx 10" x 13" and fits up to a 9 x 12 plaque. Comes 125 to a case.

PFB12= approx 11.5" x 14.5" and fits up to a 10.5 x 13 plaque. Comes 100 to a case.

PFB13= approx 13" x 17.5" and fits up to a 12 x 15 plaque. Comes 75 to a case.

Ships in a 19" x 15" x 15" box. Each case weighs five pounds. Thickness: 3/32".

Available in three sizes, plaque boxes are inexpensive way to transport your finished plaques to your customer.

BX79 accomodates 5 x 7, 6 x 8 and 7 x 9 plaques.

BX912 accomodates 8 x 10 and 9 x 12 plaques.

BX1216 accomodates 10 1/2 x 13 and 12 x 15 plaques.

50 per standard pack but you can buy just 1 of each if you like!

The Look of Deep Etched Metal At Tremendous $$$ Savings
Stock Color: Gold; Stock Thickness: 1/8 inch
Twenty two different stock sizes available.
Custom Colors: Black, Bronze, Green, Red, Silver
Custom Thicknesses: 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch
Custom Shapes & Designs: All inquiries welcome.
States, Logos, Mascots, Rounds, give us a try!
Allow a minimum of three Production Days for any custom product
and additional time for transit. 
Lasering Service Available for additional charges; allow additional time for lasering.
Desk and wall bracket sign holders in highly polished and anodized in Polished Rose Gold Gavels and Gavel Accessories Plexiglass picture covers available in eight sizes.
Used to hold name plate or signs on desk tops or walls.
Stock color is Polished Rose Gold. Other colors, Polished Silver, Matte Black, Satin Silver and Polished Yellow Gold, are available by special request. Only 20 pieces per standard pack.
Item # Description Cs Qty

TGM02 10" Male Gavel 100
TGF06 8" Female Gavel 100
CP01 Gavel Clip ----
ID57311 Gavel Band for TGM02 ----

Custom sizes done in a day or two! 3/32" thick. Cs Qty: 50.
Four pre-drilled holes and beveled edges all the way around.
Available in eight sizes as follows:
PX10 3" x 5"
PX11 3.5" x 5"
PX20 4" x 6"
PX35 5" x 7"
PX55 8" x 10"
PX80 8 1/2" x 11
PX85 11" x 14"
PX90 11" x 17"
Sublimation Head Tape holds transfer sheet in place while you sublimate on just about anything! Walnut and Black Marble Nameplate Holders (Black marble is laserable) Perma Stick Tape -- Ultra Clear--Double sided Tape
* Holds transfer sheet in place on mugs, T-shirts, tiles, ceramics, plates and more.
* Withstands temperatures up to 400F.
* Color: Clear / Thickness: 5 mil
Item Number Size Cs Qty
TP200 1/2" x 72 Yds N/A
Walnut Nameplates

Item # Size Cs Qty
W-2 2 x 2 x 10 50
W-3 2 x 2 x 10 1/2 50
W-4 2 x 2 x 8 1/2 50

Black Marble Nameplate
BA80 2 x 2 x 10 6

* Ultra Clear --Double Sided
* Strong Bond -- Perfect for Acrylic and Glass
Applications When You Don't Want Tape to Show
* Resists Moistures, Solvents and UV Lights for
Superior Bond in Temperature Extremes (-10F to 400F)
Available in Three Sizes:
TP020 1/2" x 36 Yds 18 per case
TP021 3/4" x 36 Yds 12 per case
TP022 1" x 36 Yds 9 per case
Tesa tape provides the strongest bond. Various Tape Dispensers depending on your needs. How many tape dispensers in you work area? Maybe you only need one! GlassGuard -- Low Tack-Paper Mask for Laser engraving, Crystal Etchings and Letter Transfer
Tesa Tape creates the strongest bond. Aggressive acrylic adhesive providing permanent bonding of nameplates to plaques, trophies, signs and license plate frames. Easy to peel gold liner. Scissors or dispenser required. Adhesion: 75 oz./in. Available in three sizes. Item #: X4 Allows three Rolls of Up to 1" Width Each.

Item#: G56 Weighted Base, Holding Multiple Rolls on a 6" Wide Core
     (Internal Diameter 3")
* Low Tack-Paper Mask for Laser Engraving, Crystal Etchings and Letter Transfer
* Protects Foils from Edge Burn During Laser Engraving
* Protects Glass from Shattering During Shipment
Item number Size Cs Qty
TP6582 6" x 100 Yds 8
Ball Qube Sports Covers...See also the Grandstand and UV Protected covers. Laser's Edge, Removable, Non-Residuing, Laser Mask for Paint Filling Ball Qube Sports and Ball Covers; Grandstand and UV Protected Grandstand
Popular Memorabilia Holders and Covers * Removable, Non-Residuing, Laser Mask for Paint Filling
* Allows for Sharp Definition for Painting Applications
* Removes Easily After Lasering and/or After Paint has Dried
Item Number Size Cs Qty
TP19 6" x 25 Yds 8
Sports Memorabilia Covers and Displays
PX400 series are Grandstand; they have a "stand" for the sports balls to be cradled in.
Balls stay in place even when loss of air occurs.
PX500 series are Grandstand and Ultra Violet light protected so that items stored in bright sunlight won't fade or discolor.
Tuff Tape - double sided tape for a variety of uses! The Tuff Tape 2 is a little less expensive. Economy tape is even less! Cast metal Bronze Figures Free Film Tape - - Apply wide swaths of tape to engraving stock before you cut it to size!
* Economy tape (TP001) - Hand Tearable; Router Tape, Double-sided, Lite Bond, Temporary Plate Applications,White
* Double Sided -- permanent bond
* Application to painted/varnished surfaces
* Ideal for aluminum/brass attachment to plaques
* Banner Tape Applications (Tuff Tape 2)
* Available in five different sizes:
Tuff Tape 1 Tuff Tape 2 Economy Tape (white)
TP008 1/4" x 60 Yds 20 per case TP508 1/4" x 36 Yds. 36 per case TP001 1/2" x 36 YDS 18 per
TP010 1/2" x 60 Yds 10 per case TP510 1/2" x 36 Yds. 18 per case case
TP011 3/4" x 60 Yds 7 per case TP511 3/4" x 36 Yds. 12 per case
TP014 1" x 60 Yds. 5 per case TP514 1" x 36 Yds. 9 per case
TP016 2" x 60 Yds. 3 per case TP516 2" x 36 Yds. 5 per case
Available in three styles...

BC01 - 11.75" Eagle
BC03 - 8.25" Eagle
BC06 - 10.5" Football Runner
* High Tack, Rubber Based Free Film Double Sided Tape
* Indoor Applications Only
*Allows Placement of Pressure Sensitivity to Backs of
Sheet Stock Before Cutting
* Ideal for application of Wide Widths before Shearing
* Eliminates Time Consuming Labor Intensive Work
TP684 is 12" x 60 yards and comes 4 to a case.