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Red, White and Blue ribbon drape with snap clip. Economy Die Cast Medals 2 inch diameter (except MH70B is 2 1/2 inch). Satin Brass Business Card... Notched Corner Plates already cut to size saves you time and dresses up your work.
Red/White/Blue Ribbon Drape with snap clip.
50 pieces left at this price. Price: $.10.

All Medals are Die Cast and 2" Diameter except MH70 (which is 2 1/2"). Case Qty= 25. Lots available at $.25 each.

2 x 3 1/2" Satin Brass Business Card .020 thickness. 88 available as of this posting. Price: $.50.

Good for perpetual plaques and standard plaques alike, pre-notched-corners add a neat and clean way to gussy up your work. Available in three sizes, various colors and substrates, and on CLEARANCE! Price: Brass $.30 Alum $.10

Limited quantites. If you think you'll use them, get them while you can!

Multi Color Medals 2 3/4" 25 per case. Charcoal Plaques with Gold Accent Border. Inexpensive! Close Out! Greystone 10.5 x 13" Plaque with gold accent border. Silver Aluminum Inserts

All Medals are Die Cast and 2 3/4" Diameter. Case Qty 25. 47 Gold Achievement medals available as of this posting. Only what's available is shown. Price: $.60

Available in two sizes, 10 1/2 x 13" and 12 x 15", these foiled synthetic plaques are affordable and luxurious.
We have 88 and 19, respectively, on hand as of this posting. Price: $1.00 and $1.25.
10.5 x 13" plaque with gold accent border.

We have 18 left at $.95 each. They're in perfect condition!
All silver aluminum insert on Left. Black and florentine on Right.
Available in three sizes.
TI 11B - 5 7/8" dia ($.75) TI 13B - 5 7/8" dia ($1.25)
TI 11C - 7 1/2" dia ($.85) TI 13C - 7 1/2" dia ($2.00)
TI 11D - 8 1/2" dia ($.90) TI 13D - sold out!
Six per case.
Millennium Gray Stone Edge Plaques available in three sizes. Male Burst Thru Golf - available in three sizes. LaserFrost Gold yields bright-gold finished lettering on a frosted-gold background. Brass Inserts (TI)
Stone Edge plaques are routed to engrave and drop in an insert.

LP16A insert is 4 7/8 x 6 7/8"
LP16B insert is 5 7/8 x 7 7/8"
LB16C insert is 6 7/8 x 9 7/8"

U.S. Pat. 6,205,692
Male Burst Thru Victoy - Torch resin trophy awards.
Hangs like a picture or mounts on a plaque or use as a standup.
Search this site for MB, SCT810, SHR612, SCT810 or SCT1012 for compatible stand ups . 2 Sizes Available:
6 inches (Plate size: .75 x 3.75")
7.25 inches (Plate size: 1 x 4.5")
Now laser your own custom frosted look! When lasered yields a bright-finish lettering on a frosted gold background.
12 x 24" .015 Gauge. 55 pieces available as of this posting. $3.75 per sheet.
Bright Brass inserts come in three sizes:
TI1B = 5 7/8" dia $1.25
TI1C = 7 1/2" dia $1.75
TI1D = 8 1/2" dia $2.00
Pictured: left.
Available in bright brass only.
Six per case.
Blue Metallized Foil, Adds Color to Laser Engraving, Permanently Bonds to Wood Shadow Series Acrylic Brass Inserts (TI) Solid Walnut shadow box 8 x 10" inside dimenstion
Thin, Metallized Mylar Tape for Laser Engraving or Trim.
Adds Color to Laser Engraving. Permanent Adhesive Bonds to Wood.

CF05 Metallized Blue 6" x 25 FEET. Only one left at $5.00 each.
Dramatic Awards using clear acrylic with a jet black back: Pictured far right, back.
Available in three sizes:
3 3/4" x 6 3/8" $2.50 each
3 3/4" x 7 3/8" $3.00 each

Six per case
Solid Brass inserts look great on a plaque and come in three sizes:
TI45B = 5 7/8" dia $2.00 each
TI45C = 7 1/2" dia $3.00 each
TI45D = 8 1/2" dia (Red only.) $4.00 each
Pictured: center.
Available in blue, green or red. Specify when ordering.
Six per case. Pictured in center.
Solid Walnut Shadow box suitable for hanging.
8 x 10" inside, 9 x 11" outside.
6 per case
20 available at this time. $3.75 each.
Chain Series Stand-up Plaque 6 x 8". Jet-black column on matching metallic finished base. Round Walnut Plaques Stone Edge Plaques` Shadow Series Acrylic
Accented with embedded brass and metallic finish, this stand-up plaque makes an eloquent award.

US Patent 6,205,692

Only 6 left in blue, 6 x 8" as of this posting.
Lacquer finish walnut plaques available in three sizes:
WP70B 8"
WP70C 9 1/2"
WP70D 10 1/2".
Six per case.
(Shown with TI3 Brass insert)
Available 7 x 9 and 8 x 10
Specify green (GN) or black (BK)
Dramatic Awards using clear acrylic with a jet black back:
Pictured: center-VPX10B and VPX10C.
Available in two sizes:
5" x 8 3/8"
6" x 9 3/8"
Four per case.
Pictured: right-front: Paperweight VPX10X 3 3/4" x 3 3/4"
Six per case.
Designed for engraving on the reverse side providing three-dimensional crisp letters and logos.
Shadow Series Brass Trays #TB and Silver Aluminum Trays #TS Contemporary Hi-Gloss Walnut Clock 8 x 5 1/4 x 1 1/2" with Brass Engraving Plate and Glass for Etching. Blue Marble Mist Book Clock with clock on the left and engraving plate on the right. Solid Walnut. 9 1/2" Tall, 12" wide
3/4" Shadow acrylic with matching black acrylic base.
Designed for engraving on the reverse side providing three-dimensional crisp letters and images. Size refers to engraving area.
VPX11B 5" x 8"
VPX11C 6" x 9"
Two per case.
Pictured far left.
Solid satin brass and aluminum trays can be engraved directly or accept separate inserts. Brass pictured left and center. Aluminum pictured right.
TBB - 8" dia TSB - 8" dia
TBC - 10 1/2" dia TSC - 10 1/2" dia
TBD - 11 1/2" dia TSD - 11 1/2" dia
Six per case.
Hi-gloss walnut utilizing frosted glass and solid brass engraving plates.
8 x 5 1/4 x 1 1/2"
Black plate and battery included.

Won't last long! Call us now! 1-800-274-3113
Handsome marble finished distinctive clock award.
Sienna is pictured. Blue Marble mist is what we have.
9 1/2" tall. 12" wide. Solid walnut.
Give us a call! 1-800-274-3113.
Cub Series Brass Cups
Solid brass urns with available lids sold separately. Call for details.
Available items:
CU117VG bright gold 7" dia, 10 1/2" tall
CU138AG antique gold 8" dia, 13" tall
CU64AG antique gold 4" dia, 6 1/4" tall
CUB117BK black brass 7" dia, 9 1/4" tall
CUB138BK black brass 8" dia, 11 1/2" tall
CUB64BK black brass 4" dia, 5" tall
CUB96BK black brass 6" dia, 7 1/4" tall
Overstocked...discontinued...make us an offer!!